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lament & the idea burial ground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Demi God

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and they all fly away [Mar. 12th, 2010|05:54 pm]
Demi God
[mood |boredassi ja rahe hai]
[music |end of the night - doors]

 as promised... i'm off... will see you on blogspot: wolfeshwar
not that it changes anything... it'll always be you babe...

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hello cruel world [Mar. 6th, 2010|12:16 am]
Demi God
[mood |calmkam]
[music |surfing on a rocket - air]

every once in awhile one tends to stumble upon a book or writing that tends to echo with your own voice or some such... after sometime i think the cycle repeats itself in my case... as is there is a lot that needs to be if nothing else then only documented as things that have happened with me... currently what manages to take the the top spot is a book called, steppenwolf....

if the name wasn't enough already..
although i'm just starting out, already a lot of the prose seems to be talking to me...

inspiration continues...
amoung other things, i think it's time to move on from lj to maybe blogspot or some such...
i've grown here too much to be able to break the cast and start again....

hope things are good on your end, dear anonymous fictional reader....

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... [Dec. 22nd, 2009|03:08 am]
Demi God
[music |the doors - lament]

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fucksake senti [Dec. 16th, 2009|02:37 am]
Demi God
[music |this is acid jazz]

Retribution... or something like that

i was feeling mighty accomplished when i finally managed to put my two bit to the home in progress... having struck a deal with a raddi walla, i had an hour to kill until he would move the windows etc. i was driving around trying to find a good coffee place, when i drove past a known face... i backed up...

“Georgina Ma’am?...”
i was pretty surprised at getting her name right, however couldn’t place her...
She looked in, a little surprised nodding... i reminded her that i was one of the students she had taught... i offered her a lift, she agreed and we drove off to the station... She said she remembered me, and added ‘what happened? Hrishikesh?’ i nodded smiling and just like that she became a friend... we spoke at length through the ride... i guess i was pretty amazed on meeting a memory... soon we were at the station... We exchanged id’s and parted ways...

on my way back i remembered second standard as it was, and suddenly it was clear why she was etched in my brain... She was the teacher who’d given me 15 remarks in my diary, all of them unsigned... i remembered how i had once got home and found my mom standing at the door with the diary in her hands... i got thrashed and finally thrown out as further punishment... That night turned out to be even more eventful as i actually ran away... but not knowing any roads, i ran to mom’s best friend’s house... she called mom and the rest i don’t remember...

i remember hating Georgina ma’am for it... i genuinely believed it was all her fault... i felt pretty stupid and just like that she’d taught me something again... i guess i must've been quite a handful...

teacher cheers

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Writer's Block: Name that tune [Dec. 1st, 2009|02:40 am]
Demi God

the vagabond by air...

"...there is no time to stand and stare.."
assuming you know what i'm talking about...
hear this song when you're walking about any city...
headphones preferable...

Is there any song you'll never grow tired of hearing? If so, what is it, how long have you loved it, and why?
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awake... [Nov. 10th, 2009|11:14 pm]
Demi God
[mood |amusedkar-khanne]
[music |meltdown - ac dc]

is there anybody out there....

hello world how've you been?
i'm good... been slightly disturbed with where things are heading...
the other night i had a dream that somehow ended with maoists chasing me?
someone told me we really have no army left if we do end up going to war... 
i think i'll take some more time to digest it... 
2012 or war with china/pakistan?
same difference...

i miss good old rock n roll and everything with it...

hope the red flags don't catch up with you...

- aspiring sign painter

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all hail the sign painter [Oct. 23rd, 2009|02:32 am]
Demi God
[music |godsmack - going down]

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cheese cutting [Oct. 8th, 2009|12:58 am]
Demi God
[mood |awake1:02]
[music |hayling - ost layer cake]

'it would've been something...'
many nights and days of debauchery and somehow it still doesn't count up to enough to so much as speak about... guess the day job takes away all the writing thrills for now... i've been better, looking forward to a lot more work, trying to become more active in general... i've lost my voice for a few months and counting now... don't really miss it... people and conversations seem repetitive and redundant now...  again i wish i was left alone for a very very long time... but thats all just me...

how're things with you?

all hail the illuminated exit signs...

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gots to have the blues [Sep. 16th, 2009|02:54 pm]
Demi God
[mood |bouncyelevated]
[music |beyonce - at last]


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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2009|04:17 am]
Demi God
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |molotov bitch - the prodigy]

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